Welcome to my new post wonderful women! I hope you’re getting on well with the practice of allowing abundance, joy, health, wellbeing and of course love, into your day-to-day life, as that’s what we are all about.

By now you already know that you aren’t a victim of the reality, but you create your own reality. So, if you have an amazing house, a great job, a very loving girlfriend, lots of money to do with what you want, you’ll feel proud of your manifestations! But when there is unwanted stuff that you don’t really like and then you’re reading that it’s been you who has created it, you probably don’t feel so happy with yourself, and I know how uncomfortable this can be.

So I’m going to give you some tools to soothe all of this and you’ll be able to feel a shift in your vibration and raise it. How I see the creation of reality is about being a vibrational match to it. And vibration is emotions and feelings. Beliefs and thoughts are part of it too. The way you feel is how the universe is responding to you, and by the universe I mean people around you, experiences that you’re having, anything that is happening to you in this time-space reality. Everything in your present life is there because you are a vibrational match to it, otherwise it wouldn’t be in your experience. If you’re following me, the next step for you, if something “unwanted” is getting in your way, is to change it for a more pleasant thing. And now you know that this awful thing/person/circumstance is there because you’re a vibrational match to it, so what can you do?

As I always say, you can’t control anything outside you, you only can control yourself, therefore your vibration, so basically how you feel. And remember the universe doesn’t understand “no” and it doesn’t listen to words, but what your heart truly means. Let’s say you really DON’T want to meet that person at work and the reason why you don’t want to is because s/he is very arrogant...well, obviously that day you’ll meet that person, and if it’s not them, you’ll also live the experience of arrogance because that’s the vibration that you’re sending out, that’s where your focus is, your point of attraction.

For this post’s sake, I’ll continue with this example so you can apply it to any aspect of your life. One of the tools that some law of attraction teachers explain when you realize you’re attracting this person, is to stop thinking that you don’t want to see them and instead think another thought that makes you feel happy. That helps and it works as I said on a previous post. By this constant practice of focusing on what makes you feel happy, so by keeping stuck to the emotion of happiness regardless of what’s going on outside, you’ll keep attracting more joyful experiences and eventually that person won’t be in your experience, or if they are, it will be in a completely different way that will match your new vibration.  

However, as we’re becoming masterful in paying attention to how we feel and deliberately choosing thoughts that make us feel good, there are more aspects that are part of the process. Don’t be afraid of your negative thoughts or feelings as they help you know what you want and what your vibration is. If you think you’re happy most of the time and suddenly that person shows up, you might think you’re doing something wrong, you get mad at yourself and you want to bring back the happiness feeling as soon as possible. That feels so hard, doesn’t it? With lots of work, judgement and resistance on the way! It’s fine trying to do that, but the way we could approach this unwanted thing would be accepting and appreciating it as part of us and our vibration. What about going into our internal world, as Teal Swan says, not with an attitude of fixing anything (that means there’s something wrong within us and it introduces resistance and disapproval) but with the attitude of being completely with ourselves? So you could see that person with appreciation as thanks to them you know where you are vibrationally. And then you could ask yourself questions like:

- How do I feel? (and remember, no judgement) A possible answer could be: meeting this arrogant person makes me feel I am inferior.

- Is that true? Maybe you feel it’s not, maybe you feel it is. It doesn’t matter, allow your feelings to express. There’s nothing right or wrong, you are where you are and it’s important to make peace where you are so you can allow the real you to show you who you really are. It also allows all the positive things that you want to manifest in your life.

And soothe the negative emotion. What feels better to you? Thinking “I shouldn’t be meeting this person, I can’t feel inferior, others will take advantage of me, I’ll lose my job,..?” or thinking: “It’s funny how I didn’t want to meet this person and they’re here lol, I know I’m not inferior but that’s how I feel now, there’s nothing wrong with feeling this way, I’m human and I appreciate feeling this way as it makes me want to be better in my life,..? So be willing to accept any feeling, especially if it feels so uncomfortable to you as you want to prove to yourself that you are always present with you. By being present, you are releasing resistance, you’re unhooking yourself from the aspect of you that is keeping you from the light, joy and love that you already are.  Light is always there, you only need to raise the blind of the window and let it be. Only when you’re accepting, appreciating, trusting yourself, being completely present with you are you finally being authentic with yourself. And once you are who you really are, with all the aspects of you, you’ll attract this woman who will be happy to be with you, especially in those moments when you’re feeling inferior. Living life is amazing, isn’t it? Lots of love, Marta xx