Hi loves! I hope you’re feeling happy and you keep allowing all the gifts that the source/God/divine energy is giving you every day.  If you’re staying in alignment with yourself and you’re honestly listening to your emotions more and more each time so they can guide you towards what feels best to you, congratulations, as you’re doing what most people don’t do!  

You’ve probably already experienced amazing manifestations in your life.  Or a better way to say this is that you’ve been in the receptive mode to allow those good things that you wanted to come into your experience, as remember, we’re deliberate creators. We’re creating all the time, whether we are aware of it or not. We live in a universe that is inclusive, not exclusive. This means everything that you focus your attention on, positive or negative, sends a vibration that the law of attraction will match with other people, experiences, things that have the same vibration that you’re sending out in that aspect of your life (consciously or unconsciously).  

So I thought we’d talk about manifesting in this post. This is one of my favourite subjects so I’m very excited to be sharing this with you! Now, this took ages to fully integrate within me, so don’t try to rush, take your time and little by little you’ll understand how this works, how the universe works, how we work. I’ll discuss this in further depth in the next post. 

Right, what is it that you want most in this moment in your life? Probably money, maybe a girlfriend ;), perhaps another job...  Never mind, you got it, it’s here, but in another vibrational level, otherwise it would be right here, right now, with you. How’s that? By living life you’re constantly asking for more things, you’re having new desires every day about everything that matters to you. You don’t even need to use words. I’ll give you a simple example. Imagine the oven in your flat has suddenly stopped working. At that precise time, you’re asking for another oven that works. At that exact moment, your inner being has provided that new oven for you, so it has expanded, the larger part of you has become that. Remember our inner being, that extension of source, is always in abundance and expansion, so whatever you want, when you launch your desire, it’s there for you. But you aren’t a vibrational match to it yet.  

Anyway, in your mind you start designing that new oven, its colour, its shape, functions...it feels awesome thinking about that!  But then, what happens in most of the cases, is that instead of trusting the universe and keeping with these good-feeling thoughts, you start paying attention to the reality, therefore the conditions.  So, you realize that you don’t have enough money to buy it, maybe you don’t have enough space in your kitchen, and even in the case that you could buy it, how would it get to your flat if you’re living on the 5th floor? Can you feel the resistance that you’ve actually put in your way with those thoughts? How unpleasant is that feeling of wanting and not being able to get it? And then more thoughts join that emotion so you probably start blaming your brother because it’s him who is using the oven all the time, so it must be his fault, and you get angry at yourself because you didn’t pay for the guarantee to start with?   The reason that you’re feeling so uncomfortable with yourself is because you’re seeing this situation in a completely different way than the source within you is seeing it.  You’re going against yourself, your inner being is saying here’s the new oven, I’m giving it to you, feel happy, we’re in abundance, no reason to keep thinking thoughts that feel bad to you. And you know that’s right (at least inside you there’s something that may give a chance to this idea and feels good to you), but you’ve trained for so long to pay attention to what it is, maybe you’ve got beliefs that make you think you’ll never be able to get what you want.  

But now here’s the “funny” thing: you’ve launched the desire of a new oven and you can’t go back as we’re in constant expansion. Can you stop wanting the oven? Of course not! It actually feels uncomfortable to stop wanting something that you really want.  So, what can we do? 

We can only follow the flow and stop resisting it. That means to align again with our inner being that is there with the new oven and trust there’s lots of different ways that the universe will bring that new oven in our life. Having our mind opened, because if we think the only way that we can get that thing is by buying it, we’re limiting ourselves, as there are more options that would allow the same to happen. So we don’t even have to think about the how’s, who’s, why’s...nothing, all of them will add resistance and will slow the time for what we want to manifest. Our work is “only” aligning again with our higher self.  

How do we do that? Well, it might sound very simplistic to you, but the way that we do that is by thinking thoughts that feel good to us. Not just one moment or one day, practicing it for the rest of our lives: for living happily ever after, for the pleasure of living a life that would enable us to know what we want and what we don’t want and to ask always for more, for the joy of the process of the manifestations as the creators of our own reality.  

As I was saying, you don’t need words.  So, by experiencing what you didn’t want in a relationship through all those years with your exes, you now know what you want, and I can promise you that you’ve created an amazing girlfriend that has everything you’ve been asking for.  Just stop holding yourself back. Keep seeing and feeling life as your inner being does, appreciate everything, feel gratitude, eagerness, elation, joy, love...and when you prov to yourself that you don’t need anything outside you in order for you to feel happy, loved, etc, you’ll allow this new relationship to finally be in your life. Lots of love, Marta xx