Introductory Dating Programme


Are you ready to find love?


Do you keep meeting the wrong women?


Are you wondering where all the quality lesbians are?


Do you want to meet and attract other beautiful, intelligent, like-minded women?



"I could not and would not have done this without your help and support, really can't thank you enough, it feels like such a huge weight has lifted!" - Kate

"I felt like I was never going to find love and thanks to you I understand where I was going wrong and feel such confidence now. Dating has never been so exciting." - Theresa

"Having coming out of a relationship, I now know that I was picking all the wrong types of women. After my sessions I have now met the woman of my dreams and can't believe how easy it was with your help." - Becky

The Introductory Dating Programme is bespoke for all our clients.

Common areas that we cover include:

·         Helping you find the best dates near you

·         Finding out about you, your relationship history in order to set realistic dating goals

·         Working together to remove negative thought patterns

·         Developing your online dating profiles and online presence

·         Guiding and developing your dating confidence with coaching

·         Assessing your style, fashion and looking both inside and out which will improve your body image

·         Supporting you in finding women through various avenues

·         Building your self-confidence

·         Offering advice and guidance for finding women

·         Improving your dating practices

·         Learning how to be the best possible YOU!

·         Making the first move, create the right impression in order to progress to the next date, and the next…

Together we will create a supportive plan of action with which you feel most comfortable.  Whatever it is you desire the most from dating, we are here.  So whether you would like more dates, to find the RIGHT women, grow in confidence, date with greater success, have a healthy, happy long-term relationship or simply find out more about yourself, we can help.

As the only exclusive global lesbian dating company, created and run by a team of LGBTQ+ experts, we are here for you.  We know and understand how lesbians, bisexuals and queer women think, feel and desire.

Many of our clients find this introductory programme the perfect precursor to our matchmaking services.  Following a series of targeted sessions women are armed and ready for matchmaking with greater focus, self-understanding and consequently find success with long-term love much more effectively.

All sessions are conducted via Skype or FaceTime as success is greater in the comfort of your own surroundings.  This also means that we can and do work with women all over the world, spreading the lesbian love.

Book NOW with a Leading LGBT+ Dating Expert and meet the women you deserve:

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Each session is approx. 50 minutes

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