Vibrational Alignment and How to Let the Right One In!


Hi darlings! I hope you’re well and you’re ready for this new post where we’ll be taking new steps to keep in alignment with ourselves and ultimately to attract this new relationship or whatever you want to get in this moment in your life.


It’s so important to know what we’re believing, as a belief is a permanent thought that creates our reality every day. Due to this, nothing changes. That’s why we need new thoughts, so we can create the new reality that we want to live. But the most important thing is to keep constantly in touch with our emotions and what we’re feeling. Our feelings are the best indicator to guide us to align ourselves within love, joy, peace and beauty present in this wonderful universe.   

If we don’t feel good doing something, it only means that we are separating ourselves from our awesome inner being and who we truly are. We are going against the natural flow of life, like we are swimming in the opposite direction of the river. We know it as we can feel some resistance within us. When this happens, we should take a moment to think about the situation and try to find another way to deal with it that feels more comfortable, with less resistance and more happiness. Actually, what we should do is just thinking about another thing in our life that has no resistance at all when we think about it, that feels good to us, and allow the universe to work things for us, that’s its job, it’s the best it knows how to do. We should trust that our inner being knows all about us, what we want, how we’re feeling and what’s the best for us all the time. It’s waiting for us to be in vibrational alignment with it, for that space with less resistance in our life to show up with the amazing resolution that we were asking for.  

But we need to allow it, and trust me, I know how hard this can be (I’m on the same boat sometimes too). So you’re probably quite confused now…so what you’re saying Marta is that if I want a new relationship I need to stop thinking about it, focus on another thing that makes me feel good in my life right now and just allow the universe to do its work so it will bring me a new girlfriend by doing nothing about it? That I only have to be in vibrational alignment so that I’m ready to recognize her when she comes to my life?  

Hmm, yes, that’s what I’m basically saying! When we want something, most of the time we’re asking from the lack of it. That’s not how we attract what we want, by doing this we keep activating the lack of it instead of the abundance that we all are. So be honest with yourself for one moment and think about getting a new partner. Which thoughts are coming up? Or if you want more money or any other thing right now, what are you thinking? Is it something like: “I want a girlfriend, but I’m alone, she’s not here!..I want more money, but I can’t pay my bills, I don’t have enough money!”? If that resonates with you, you’re asking from the not-having perspective. With all this “but” you keep blocking whatever you want to come to you and worse than that, you keep maintaining or even amplifying your current situation.  

I know you don’t mean to do it but that’s your current condition. Abraham/Esther Hicks say: “Since that is the current condition which you would like to be different, you’re blocking an improved condition by your awareness of the current condition. The what is, is so loud that you can’t allow what you want instead. Everything that you want is coming to you, you just need to be in the vibrational place of recognising when it comes”. 

So just try doing what makes you feel happy. If you like drawing, do it. If you like travelling, do it. It feels like you aren’t accomplishing anything but actually you’re accomplishing a vibrational atmosphere that will make you conducive to the reception of new impulses and ideas. As they say too, you’ll be in the receptive mode, you’ll be allowing the universe to unfold all these good surprises that you have asked for and that are waiting for you to let yourself receive them! 

Relax, it’s all done. This gorgeous, intelligent, sweet, wild, tender woman is right on track. She’s all you’ve wanted your whole life! There are no words to describe how you’ll live with her, the adventures, the feelings, the passion, the connection. But you have to be in vibrational alignment with yourself in order to allow it to happen.

Lots of love, Marta xxx 

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