There are two kinds of people: the kind that stay inside, warm and cozy during winter time and the ones that go out to enjoy the benefits of the cold weather, the snow and the streets full of holiday cheer.

Whether you are one type or the other, Pink Lobster Dating is going to bring to you winter date options by sharing the top 5 winter date ideas for you to try out this year with your lesbian partner.


A night so romantic it could be a fairy tale:

Taking your lesbian date out to dinner doesn’t have to be a trip straight to the restaurant and back home, make it special by taking advantage of the many events that happen during the winter holidays such as light shows, Christmas markets and fireworks displays.

Picture a horse drawn carriage stroll through the city, visiting a lovely restaurant where you’ll have a candle lit dinner and ending your night by enjoying a lights show or a fireworks display.


Take advantage of the snow and the cold weather

Around this time of the year you can go ice skating at a local lake or park. Alternatively, you can make reservations a lovely cabin up in the mountains where you can enjoy sleigh riding, skiing and other activities for a weekend getaway.


Stay in for the night, keep each other warm

Staying home to avoid the unforgiving cold doesn’t have to be boring and routine-like. You can create a romantic scenario for each other within the comfort of your home. Treat your lesbian partner to a home-made or delivered dinner and take the night to decorate your place for the holidays or bake delicious holiday treats. You could also snuggle together to enjoy a movie, keep each other warm and relax.


A night of theatre and arts

During Christmas time there’s usually a few movies released that are related to the season. The same happens for theaters, the opera and the ballet, all three bloom during the season with breathtaking shows. Either to watch an old Christmas classic or a new creation, take your date out to and experience a night full of art and creativity.

You could also visit an art exhibition at a local museum. Make sure to check out your city’s or your local theater’s website to find more information.


International Films Night

In this case, movie night would mean to go out and check out a film at your local Film & Arts House, some of them have cafés or small bistros inside so you can arrive a few minutes early and enjoy a treat while it’s time to watch a movie. You might get to see what kinds of movies other countries release during this time of the year since we already know what Hollywood releases: family drama and romance comedies.

These ideas bloom with possibilities for wonderful memories and romantic moments that will make the Christmas season all the merrier for you and your femme lesbian partner. Whether your relationship is brand new or you’re still casually dating, these date ideas could help you find each other and become more intimate.

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Georgie Jones is Pink Lobster Dating and Pink Lobster Matchmaking's chief Creative Advisor