Hello gorgeous women and very welcome to this new post!

As always, I’d like to help you to have a deep connection with your heart and love. On this occasion, we’ll find an answer for that question that we all have sometimes: “Why is this bad stuff happening to me if I’m a good person?”

First of all, as Esther Hicks says, remember that we’re vibrational beings and life works for us depending on it.  So, there’s no good or bad, although it can be hard to understand it and we’d need probably another post just talking about this. Things that happen to you aren’t good or bad, even people in your life aren´t good or bad, everything and everyone is your teacher, just like you’re a teacher to them.  It doesn’t matter who you are with or what they do, they give you opportunities to learn something new about yourself and to reach your frequency.

Dr. Laura Berman reminds us that you’re always having a relationship with yourself, so when you see the other person as your greatest teacher and understand that that person or circumstance is here to teach you, you feel more appreciation for them, more love for them and for you, and therefore, you can raise your vibration.


As an example, maybe you’ve been controlling your emotions for so long, probably due to fear of upsetting the other person or for another reason, and you don’t know how to express them but deep inside you’re willing to do it! Believe me, your vibration will match that request, (be patient as sometimes your request is only a level 1 when the answer that you need to keep learning is a level 2. Don’t worry at all, because when you’re ready, the universe will bring it to you.) So suddenly one day you feel so powerless with that person and end up crying.  Instead of seeing it like we usually do (how bad that person was, why they did this to me and so on) let’s see it this way: that person helped you to express your emotions through tears. Obviously, there could be more lessons, but that would be one of them.

It took me time to understand it and to accept it (our ego is always there and if you can’t tell what’s your ego and what’s your inner self, there will be lots of resistance, don’t give up!). Anyway, if somehow you know what I meant, I’ll try to take you to a deeper level, your life purpose.

Imagine you’re here because you really want to know what it will be to be like to be in an independent relationship where you have your life, your girlfriend has hers, and both of you choose being together giving each other the freedom of being yourselves and of doing what you want with who you want with respect for each other (of course you don’t remember that’s your purpose as most of us forget it when we start growing up being influenced by the society, our parents, our friends,..and well, because we’re here to learn!). So, it could be that in this case you find yourself attracting women who are so jealous and don’t let you meet your friends, or don’t let you wear what you want or don’t let you go on your own anywhere. It doesn’t have to be your girlfriend, as it could be your parents, your boss, your friends, anyone who wouldn’t let you be yourself and take your own decisions.

You’d probably see this as bad experiences constantly, feeling so sad, hopeless, where you keep asking yourself why this kept happening to you when you don’t deserve it, all those bad women in your life,..but eventually, you’d feel at that point where you would have had enough and you’d decide that you don’t want this anymore, that you want to do what you want, not having to give explanations and deciding what’s best for you on your own.  So, from that moment in your life, you just want to be independent and in an independent relationship.

If you actually pay attention to all those people and experiences that you had, you’ll see that all of them were your teachers to help you to reach your life purpose. You weren’t ready before but now, thanks to them, and knowing what you want, you’ll attract it now. How would you have known what you wanted if they hadn´t been there?

So, from now on, you could try to see everything and everyone as your helpers to know what you want, to work on where you need to get to, and even to get your life purpose. I know it’s hard and sometimes it feels like this is not fair, but trust me, it is all for your good despite not always being able to see it. The more aware you are, the more it’ll start to happen, because when you start changing things in your life, then everything starts to match you.

Love xxx Marta