Hello Pinklobsters! I hope your 2017 is so far filled with joy and, above all, with lots of love! For those who know us we usually write in English, but since we’ve got readers all over the world we’ve decided to make a special post in Spanish to get to the Spanish readers too (and I’m very grateful to do it as it’s one of my native languages along with Catalan). As always, take what your heart tells you to use about what I write.

Like every year, Valentine’s Day has come (and everyone makes sure we all remember it) and well, let's be honest, it's so nice when you can share it with your girlfriend, but if it's not your case, maybe this will be just one day more or you’ll even end up feeling bad because you have no partner. And then that’s when you ask yourself: why don’t I have a partner? So in this post I'll help you learn why and how to attract one of those special souls for you. If you're single/in a couple and happy, that’s great, this post might be useful anyway.

Let’s begin by saying that we didn’t start with the proper question. Instead of asking yourself why you don’t have a partner, you should ask yourself why you're still single. Just think for a moment about the answer ... Are you single because you think there’s nobody for you? Do you think you’re very demanding? Do you feel that you aren’t beautiful?  Whatever your case, the answer is within you and in the reality you‘ve created throughout your life.

For most of us it might be hard to believe but our personality and our reality have been built according to how we think, act and feel. Deepak Chopra said in 1995 that “we have like 60,000 thoughts a day, but 90% of them are the same as the day before”.  So, it’s obvious to think that those same thoughts create the same chemical reactions in our body, which create the same behaviors, that create the same experiences, which create the same emotions.  But here’s the thing: usually we’re not aware of what thoughts we’re thinking every day as they aren’t in our conscious but in our subconscious. And maybe it doesn’t seem important but actually “our conscious is only the 5% of our brain, when our subconscious is the 95% of it! So it’s very important to observe your mind, to know yourself, to take the subconscious to a conscious level so you’ll be able to do something to change those beliefs and, therefore, your reality”, as Dr. Joe Dispenza says. It’s a wee bit deeper than that as we’re also talking about spirit, dharma, karma, ... but we’ll leave this for another time.

We’ve created our self since we were born to the age of 8 years old. What has happened since then is only a reflection of what we integrated that time. That’s the vibration we have imprinted. As children we are just an emotional being that comes from that source of unconditional love, no time, no space and unlimited abundance. We don’t have the analytical mind of an adult. So we feel and believe what we are told or what happens around us with no questions. Let's imagine that when you were little your dad left your mum. As you didn’t know how to rationalize what you felt (you didn’t understand it), that abandonment feeling is there in your subconscious. Thus, all your friends’ parents are together and you realize your situation won’t be socially accepted. So the non-acceptance of yourself and other negative emotions will add to the main emotion of abandonment. You notice in your adult life all your love relationships have left you. But that’s not true. What happens is that you’ve been reflecting that imprinted memory of abandonment over and over again, but you don’t even know it because it’s in your subconscious and plus, it’s probably attached to other emotions such as non-acceptance, guilt and so on. After all those years being the same, your body becomes your mind and your brain is so adapted to all those negative thoughts and keeps creating the same abandonment “reality” for you. Obviously it’s just an example, as we’re all different and although we may have lived the same experience, all of us will feel it in a different way and will have our own reality.


But it is possible to change. Thanks to techniques like meditation, you can get your body’s control back, you can bring some light on those beliefs of your subconscious, validate them (as they’re part of you) and change them from the conscious mind by other thoughts more beneficial to you, so each day you can have that wonderful reality that you deserve as that emotional being and lovely woman that you are. Observe your thoughts, your “reality”, and change it.  Believe it’s possible, trust yourself and the universe, as it’s always been to believe for being able to see, not the opposite. I’m happy to answer your questions in the comments below or if you wish you can arrange a session with me too.


Remember that you are loved, you’re never alone and, of course, don’t stay just with me, keep looking for all the teachers that will help you to be your greatest version. Love xxx Marta