52% of singles feel they are too busy to meet other singles, so that’s why we help you.



How it works / How to join

      Firstly complete the form on the homepage to arrange an initial consultation.

      We then make a time for an initial call, to meet in person or via Skype with one of our Elite Matchmaking team when you can have all of your questions answered. We want to make sure this is right for you.

      On your consultation you will discuss your “PERFECT CATCH” requirements with an award winning specialist.

      We then organise for you to speak to the right experts on our team who will create your profile that makes you stand out, have a photo shoot to capture the best you, and meet fantastic women. ‘The one’ could be on your first date or we introduce you to other suitable women. We are here for you!


Remember, we have been where you are, so we know how hard it can be finding the perfect partner and relationship for you especially when you are a quality woman seeking a quality woman.


Full membership REFUND if we do not find you a catch!


Some of what may be included in your matchmaking package:

      Create an exclusive matchmaking PLAN OF ACTION in order to be the best possible YOU!

      Online PERSONAL PROFILING to see what it says about you on the internet.  Did you know that 43% of singles Google someone on the internet before a first date?

      Build and improve YOUR PROFILE on Pink Lobster Dating and across other platforms

      Discuss DATE IDEAS to suit your personality type

      Support finding and communicating with DATE MATCHES

      Follow up post-date ADVISORY session and feedback

      Full online support & FREE access to Pink Lobster Dating during your membership

      Exclusive high end events

      Fun and specialised Speed Dating and Parties

      The best relationship EXPERT's will work with you to look at your past relationships and to plan a healthy and successful future

      IMAGE consultation including makeup, hair and clothing

      Organise individual DATES

      PACKAGE and present you in the best possible light to women

      MARKET you with knowledge and understanding of our specific community

      Find and screen individualised date MATCHES

      Healthy HOLISTIC COACH will work with you personally to get you to where you need and want to be physically

      Full PHOTO SHOOT with top stylist and photographer, plus an online and/or printed portfolio of your best images

      MOCK DATES with your key matchmaker including full feedback and analysis

      Set up and SUPPORT date matches

      ONE to ONE sessions with your key matchmaker

      Set up DATES with women plus constructive feedback sessions with us

      Extensive personalised searching across ADDITIONAL platforms and our private connections to find and set up your ideal dates...

And much more...


GUARANTEED introductions!!