Hello Pink Lobsters! This is the first post of all the posts that I’ll keep writing here where I’ll be sharing with you all the knowledge that I have for helping you to get the love that you want.  

With this in mind, let’s start with the most important message that you need to learn before you to go looking for one of your soulmates. Yes, you read it well, one of them as we have more than one soulmate. So the most important message, and it might seem contradictory, is that love can only be found within us. We have to love ourselves before we can love others.  Once you’re loving yourself, you’re content, you’re trusting life, you’re in alignment with yourself, universe/god/source/divine energy…whatever you call it depending on your beliefs, will bring that amazing woman into your life, it’s the law of attraction 

But there are two ways of attracting that love: the way that comes from our fears, a shallow way: “I want a woman who makes me happy, who makes me secure, and so and so”. Or the way that comes from that part of you where you accept yourself, where you trust that the universe loves you and just wants to make you happy, where you don’t have needs that others will fill up as you know you’re the only person responsible for filling them up. That’s the way we should go, and for doing it we need to raise our level of consciousnessSo just start being aware of how you’re loving yourself.  

Most of the time we're talking negatively about ourselves: I'm not good enough, how awful I am, I can’t do that, can the universe can bring you something good if that's the way you're talking?  

Also, the love that we express outside is a reflection of the love that we have for our deeper self, our true self, which is love. When you’re making a choice, ask yourself: am I loving myself doing this?  You can’t be truly loving yourself if you’re getting angry at other people, if you aren’t treating your body well, or if you are dismissing your emotions.  

So the first exercise that I’d recommend you to do this month is the “Mirror Work” that Louise L.Hay created. Look at yourself in the mirror and say your name” and "I love you". Observe your reaction, feel your emotions, your thoughts. Do this exercise for 5 minutes every day. Maybe it looks silly, but just do it and feel it. Love is like a flower, if you don’t put water on it, if you don’t take care of it, it won’t grow up. If you really want to attract your perfect partner, you have to keep working every day on yourself. 

Stop looking for your right person as the right person is a reflection of who you are. Instead of looking for that, become that right person.  

Like Deepak Chopra says, always remember: YOU ARE LOVE, BE ‘IN’ LOVExxx