1. Get on a sexy little Spring/Summer outfit where you feel great, you will have a confident manner about you and look fabulous.

2. Flirty fun – send some women messages complimenting them, we always love to receive a fabulous comment about ourselves, and what a great way to start a conversation.

3. Get out for a walk, a game of tennis or yoga. Some exercise in the sun is invigorating and great to clear out the fuzziness in your head!  And the cute ladies will walk by impressed.

4. Smile!! When you smile, others will smile back.  It puts you in a positive state and you want to be seen as a happy person.  Happy people have more success with finding love!   Note: a smile like below is not recommended!

5. Treat yourself, focus on you.  We are often too hard on ourselves and sometimes need some pamper time.  Love you and others will too.