Hi loves! I hope you’re well and that you´re ready to keep learning together about the most beautiful feeling that is surrounding us and within our souls all the time: love. Just remember, I’m sharing my knowledge with you so you’re free to take from it what you feel that can help you, always follow your heart!

What if I tell you that the Universe supports you in any way and it’s always been like this? Maybe I can give you an example so you can understand a wee bit more what I’m trying to say. Haven’t you had days where you just feel really happy and the world seems an amazing place, people are so nice, you feel like it’s a sunny day despite it raining, and it all looks so perfect? And just say the opposite, haven’t you had days where you've felt like crap, then things like missing a bus, being late at work, people being rude to you and so bad things started to happen? Like if it was all just as bad as you were feeling?

Well, it’s your vibration and life that gives you what you’re asking for (in a conscious or in an unconscious way, as maybe you don’t even know that inside you that’s how you’re feeling). That’s why it is so important that you listen to your spirit, to your heart, to your emotions, to your thoughts, to see what’s going on inside you. People, situations, anything that is happening right now in your life are just a mirror of yourself. I’m not saying you need to be happy all the time as that’s not even possible, we all have ups and downs, and it’s good to have them, to accept them as part of you (positive and negative), but being aware of them will help you to have a constructive attitude over all. The universe loves you, you’re never alone, and you can have all that you want because the source is always there for you.

Like David R. Hamilton says, for having love you need to open your heart so wide, and there’s no way to do that other than being completely yourself (“good “and “bad”). Remember you are in a SAFE place, nothing will happen to you. Show your fears, have a cry (it's not weakness, it's completely OK), allow yourself to say anything you think and feel, don’t worry about what people will think about you, be your WHOLE-SELF, show who you really are. The other thing that will help you is practicing FORGIVENESS, especially to yourself (how can you forgive others when you can’t forgive yourself?) and to your past. We should ‘let it go’ (yes, like that song we all know, which is actually perfect for this post) as until this happens, you can’t really go forward.

Most of us have been hurt in the past, the first time was mainly in our childhood, and probably you think that because they’ve hurt you, you have the right to hate them. It’s not like this at all as now all those people are free and it’s just you who is in trouble living that over and over and feeling in pain. If you really want to heal this, believe/think that it can be healed! Life´s listening to you all the time, so if you really want this, you’ll find yourself attracted to all those people and situations that will help you to heal it!

Since your childhood, you’ve created (probably unconsciously) some patterns of thinking that actually aren’t working anymore. One of my favourite writers explains that you can change your genes by changing the environment, as it's not the genes but those patterns of thinking.

We can start letting the past go with the following exercise. See who damaged you and say and truly feel: “I forgive you, I let you go, I see all MY GOOD before you, you’re free and I’m free”. Don’t forget that you aren’t doing this for them but for you, because you are the most important person always and you want to heal your heart. You could repeat this exercise as many times as you need, as it's likely you won’t be able to really internalize and to integrate it in one day, it’s been years that you’ve been thinking and feeling that way, but this is a really good first step to change shifts and therefore to heal you. An idea to make it easier could be remember when a kid does something “wrong”, how easy it is to forgive, isn't it? Or even thinking that probably that person who hurt you had a worse childhood than you and wasn’t able to do it in a different way, so you can look at them with compassion. And also, allow you to feel compassion for yourself as well, don’t be so hard. The past won’t change, but you, your attitude and your thoughts can. You have the power.

Honey, be kind to yourself and with your inner child, speak to her, hug her, tell her that she’s safe and she’s perfect how she is, that you love her, live in the present and enjoy life like a kid with the wisdom of the wonderful adult that you are now! xxx Marta