Lenard Pink’s walking tour, The Wild & Wonderful Women of Westminster will dissect, poke and prod those women who have battled, campaigned, fought and slept their way into the history books.

Founder of Pink Lobster Dating, Juliette Prais, points out: “Pink for Pink tours will be a UK first.  There have been so many gay history tours for men, why not one for lesbians?  When I met Lenard Pink, I just knew that he would be the best guide.  His character is an incredible creation and what is more, he is able to offer tours that are factual, fun and feisty.  He is a real tour de force.”

Lenard’s YouTube channel went viral in 2014 and his show 'An Audience With Lenard Pink' at the Leicester Square Theatre was a sell-out.

Lenard Pink had this to say about Pink for Pink Lesbian Tours:

“‘I'm over the moon and privileged to have been asked to present and guide a women's history only tour. In my capacity as an international homosexual & historian it's a first for me. This event is going to be a unique and special evening and will hopefully pave the way for future lesbian history tours. So come on ladies let’s put a great big capital L in lesbian and a great big H in history.”

Pink for Pink tours will be putting the movers, shakers and shimmiers under a large microscopic lens, examining the likes of Emmeline Pankhurst, the lady that challenged the British Establishment and got the vote for women, to Nell Gwynn who became one of the most famous mistresses of Charles II and probably one of Britain’s biggest whores.

Lenard will talk about the rise and fall of Boudicca and her desecration of The Romans Londinium, poke Radcliffe Hall and ask the question: Why did Virginia Wolfe kill herself? And discover why lesbian sex was rife in the West End of London.  

Attendees will be encouraged to burn their bras in Trafalgar Square, handcuff themselves to Emmeline Pankhurst at The Houses of Parliament and storm The National Gallery to examine The Toilet of Venus and discover why the suffragettes Mary Richardson hated the painting so much.

Pink for Pink tours will be offering two event options; one for lesbian singles and one for women only.

The launch events will take place on 10th June 2016 and 17th June 2016 respectively.

This one is for Women Only: 17th June 2016 BUY NOW

For details of our Lesbian Singles Tour CLICK HERE

Tickets are £25 and include a 2.5 hour tour as well as a private venue afterwards.

Please note all lesbians, bisexuals and women who like women are welcome to attend.  Tickets must be bought online and in advance only.