Fancy meeting 20 to 30 other femme lesbian and bisexual singles? And all in one night?  Then you’d better catch your tickets for this event.

The UK’s one and only femme speed dating event returns in May to Manchester.

Join lots of other gorgeous femmes in Pink Lobster Dating’s exclusive private floor of Via on Canal Street. 

Newbies can be rest assured that this event is fun packed and different to any other speed dating that the UK has to offer. 

When you arrive you will be greeted by the hostesses who will introduce you to other lovely lesbian singles.  Throughout the evening you won’t be alone and there won’t be any time to check your phones and tell your friends about all the hot women you’ve met… tell them later as you’ll be too busy enjoying yourselves!

So what are you waiting for Mancunian femmes… catch a femme before the summer holidays.

All femme lesbians, bisexuals and women who like women are invited.

Remember, tickets must be purchased online and in advance only!  SPECIAL OFFER for a limited time: Only £12.95 until the end of March when prices will return to the normal £14.95.

Manchester fancy a femme lesbian speed dating

Tickets can also be purchased on Pink Lobster Dating's Events page