Hello gorgeous ladies! I don’t know how you’ve been for the last couple of months, but if you’re quite sensitive, it’s possible that you were feeling a bit overwhelmed or stressed and now it feels like you’ve got plenty and renewed energy. This is in partly because of the solar eclipse that we had in August. Now with this creative energy I’m so happy to share this new post that will make it easier for you to understand what I started to explain about the manifesting process in Part 1.

So briefly explained we said you ask for what you want in a vibrational way (consciously or unconsciously), the law of attraction responds to it and the universe deliveries it to you through your alignment or dis-alignment with it. The Law of attraction is always working whether you believe it or not and it always responds to your point of attraction. Can you know what your point of attraction is? Yes, you can know what your point of attraction is by seeing the results/reality that is your life in this moment. It includes everything, from people, work to where you’re living, how your living room is and so on. But there’s an even more important question: do you really believe that you are the creator of your own reality? So, this time I’ve thought you could start with a simple exercise to make you aware that you really do it and universe really works this way.

I won’t ask you to think about the subject that you spend most of the time thinking about as it’ll have some resistance in it. But we could start with something with no resistance at all. Try to visualize/imagine one of these things that I’ll propose (a red frame, leaves (from a plant,tree,..), ladybugs) or just choose another thing that you have a very light opinion of, something very general. Spend some minutes thinking about it and leave it. Then very quickly you’ll have an experience in real life with the thing that you’ve chosen (you might see an advert on TV with a red frame, you might read something in the newspaper about leaves,..). It won’t be a coincidence, you’ll have done it. You only need to pay attention and recognize it when it happens. Once you’ve done it, do it again, and again and again and repeat to yourself “I’ve done it”. This way you’ll start feeling empowered, you’ll start believing and you’ll be able to go for the things that matter to you! You’ve been doing it all your life but you weren’t aware of it! Good stuff and bad stuff, never mind, you’ve done it all, you’ve got the power!

Once we have understood this and integrated it, we can go for more. So, we previously said that you ask for something (that new oven) but usually all the resistance comes to your mind (I don’t have enough money, who will bring the oven, etc) and we never get the new oven as we keep perpetuating what we don’t want by thinking all those thoughts. I’ll tell you how to deactivate those resistant thoughts in the next post in order to have a clear vibration that will align you what you want, but before that it’s very important that you understand how your mind works.

For this I’ve chosen Bob Proctor’s words as I really like his explanation, despite there’s something missing from my perspective that I’ll tell you later on. First of all, our mind thinks/works in pictures. If I say “car” you’ve got an image of it in your mind. As we bring a picture to our mind, we bring an order to it. With no vision, there’s no order. With no order, there’s no growth. Mind is energy movement, and our body/physical reality is the manifestation of that. Our mind has two parts:

· The intellectual mind: it includes perception (see, taste, smell, touch, hear), the will (gives us the ability to concentrate), imagination, memory, intuition, reason. It can think. It has the ability to accept or reject, and to choose.

· The subconscious mind: it has no ability to think: it cannot choose, it cannot reject. It can only accept. Therefore, it will accept anything. It cannot differentiate between that which is real or just imagined. And whatever the subconscious mind accepts must be expressed through the body/physical reality.

Our mind controls the body. The body will do whatever the mind tells it to do. Actually, it can only do what the mind tells it to do! When there’s something wrong in the body, you can be certain there’s something wrong in the mind. When you see an allergy on your arm, you know there’s a problem in the subconscious mind that is expressing itself. It can’t be the intellectual mind, as remember it has the ability to choose. And here is when it gets more interesting because you’ll see that somehow you’ve chosen that allergy to express something!  The conscious mind thinks. The subconscious mind is the emotional mind. Your emotions are controlled by the thoughts that you entertain. You choose your thoughts (you think in pictures), you impress the thought in your subconscious and that causes you to feel the way you feel. Feeling is a conscious awareness of vibration that your body is in, because whatever is impressed upon the subconscious mind controls the vibratory way of the body, the body moves into action, and the action produces the results. Most people try to control the results (the outside) when you need to control the mind, especially the subconscious mind.

He also says the subconscious mind is made of paradigms, which are beliefs that you developed as soon as you were born and these became habits by repetition, like waking up, putting the right foot on the floor first or the left one if that’s the case. Why do you do that? You don’t know it but it probably started when your parents dressed , for thyouem it was easier to start with the right foot. And after a while, you just integrated that in your mind and that’s what you’ve kept doing.

So, what we need to work on is our mind, our paradigms and change them. And it needs practice, we shower every day, we eat every day, so we need to charge our mind every day too. But again, I find it quite complicated and there’s something that I’m missing here, like what happens when you want something that still doesn’t exist? Or that at least you’ve never seen/tasted/smelt/touched/heard? How can you get it? And well, I didn’t pretend to leave you in suspense like an amazing DVD box set, but that’s what I’ll have to do this time lol. I’m looking forward to hear all your comments and experiences about this.  Write to me if you’ve got any questions and think love, see love, taste love, smell love, hear love, touch love but most important, FEEL it! There’s always love for you, Marta xx