Hello sweethearts and Happy New Year! We’re just starting this new episode of our lives with all this love and joy, can you feel it? I know sometimes it’s hard to believe and to feel that they’re there, and for this reason I want to share with you this idea for this upcoming year. 2017 is going to be a year full of love and happiness!

So first of all let me ask you this simple question: when you weigh up the pros and cons from last year, are all those memories more “bad” than “good”? If you could manage to remember all the awesome things that happened to you, you’re so lucky as most of us usually only remember all the negative things, the sad moments, people that hurt us,..when considering the year.

If that’s your case, don’t worry, we can change this as (trust me) you haven’t lived only bad experiences in the past years, there’s been lots of good moments, but you forgot them! It seems so easy to forget all the positive things that happen to us and even easier to remember all the bad stuff.  We know where we were when our friend had an accident, when someone beloved died, but we can’t remember where we were four days ago.

There’s a professor of neurobiology at MIT, Matt Wilson, who explains that “our brains file these situations away, so that we can learn from and refer to them later and avoid or deal better with a difficult situation in the future”.  If you think about that it makes sense and it’s good for us so we can survive, we can avoid painful situations, etc.  For example, imagine your friend put the kettle on but never told you; then you want tea and take it to pour some water in it but as there’s no handle you have to take it all. Of course, you get your hand burnt and from that moment you’ll never touch a kettle without checking before if it’s warm so you won’t get burnt again. That memory will last forever as you learnt from it and it’ll save you from living more painful moments.

That was a silly example but it helps us to understand more about our brains. We should remember that we’re spiritual beings living a human experience, so being human means exactly this, having to deal with all the physical and material stuff and that our brains, our rational part, want to take control of everything for being able to survive here. And that’s not bad, we need it, but we should train our brains to remember all the wonderful experiences too.

When we were children, and because of what I mentioned in a previous post, our egos took control of our lives to help us to survive. So we just did what our rational part told us to do and probably that’s what we keep doing right now. But we know there’s a source of love, gratitude, joyfulness, forgiveness, light, that is surrounding us and inside us. And it’s here for and when we need it.  So it’s time to thank our egos from the bottom of our hearts, as it’s thanks to them we are here. We could tell them how we appreciate what they’ve done for us, let them know that now we will take the responsibility of our lives as we can do it, as we trust the universe wants the best for us and we deserve all the good that life always brings, and just use them for the purpose that they’re for: to help us to live here.

So to help you be more yourself and to be more in contact with the spiritual being that you are, you should start to remember all the amazing moments that you’re living every day! Therefore, I’ll tell you what one Kinesiologist that I really like, Alison Finlay, told me last year to do during the whole year: a “Good Stuff” Jar. It consists of writing every time, every day that you’re living a moment of joy, of illusion, of hope, anything that you feel happy with, on a wee piece paper and filling the jar through the year with them.

At the end of 2017, you’ll tip out all the incredible and beautiful experiences that you’ll have lived this year reminding you that nothing is all bad. You’ll realise some days were really good, your friends spoiled you, you saw amazing places, strangers made you compliments, your boss appreciated your job that time and so on.

We could do this together as I’ll be doing it this year too. I actually felt emotional reading all my joyful moments as I couldn’t believe all the amazing stuff that I lived last year! So feel free to share it here and tell me how it goes! I’m going to start writing today how grateful I am being able to help you and to write on this blog because you’re all wonderful women! All the best with lots of love for this New Year! xxx Marta