Christmas is just around the corner and with it comes the process of figuring out gifts. So the least that we can do at Pink Lobster Dating & Matchmaking is to give you romantic gift ideas of what to give to your femme crush this Christmas.

It doesn’t matter much if you are friends with your new femme crush, an acquaintance, colleagues or if she doesn’t even know you exist. The most important goal in a gift for a lesbian crush is that you get them something that will put your name in their thoughts. The Christmas gift you choose has to be something compelling enough that she’ll start thinking about you and may even see you under a whole new light.


Tip #1: Appeal to her fangirl

We all have a TV series, book, author, movie franchise or an artist we openly fan girl about. Consider buying her the special edition box set of her favorite series, the latest CD from her favorite artist or a rare collector’s item.

Not only will she most probably like this gift, it’s also a very casual way to gift her something meaningful.


Tip #2: Create a common interest between the two of you

This is especially helpful if your femme crush doesn’t know you personally or you’re not close enough to know much about each other. Maybe you haven’t had the chance to find out what her interests are so you can instead try to create a common interest with her.

For example, give her a copy of your favorite book, the first season to a beloved TV show, a gift certificate to take her dancing (or yoga, or fitness) lessons in a local studio you visit regularly…the possibilities are endless. Many gyms allow people to bring a +1 when they subscribe to a club membership, perhaps you can invite her to be your plus one.


Tip #3: The way to your crush’s heart is through food

Edible gifts are the best kind of gifts. There are many services that deliver edible arrangements for you. You can either pay a company such as Edible Arrangements to prepare and deliver it or you can take the time to prepare an arrangement of assorted gourmet treats and deliver it to her yourself.


Tip #4: A subscription service

The problem with this type of gift is that some people might feel it’s not personal enough or that it barely shows any effort on your part. However, if you want to make your crush happy this Christmas, a pre-paid subscription to a beauty box service wouldn’t hurt. There are many options to choose from and many of them deliver wonderful, high end products that your femme lesbian crush will love.


Tip #5: Go big or go home

Go straight to the point: invite her out on a romantic date or create the opportunity for both of you to participate in an activity together. For example, tell her you’ve made reservations at a lovely Spa and dinner at a fancy restaurant afterwards. Whether you make it clear to her that you want to take her out on a date this Christmas season or just let it be a subtle message, is up to you.

You can also of course buy her a gorgeous gift especially made for femme women from Pink Lobster Shop too!

As you can see, the staff at Pink Lobster Dating are not just good for matchmaking and helping you find a new potential femme crush, we can also help you figure out how to give your new crush a romantic Christmas gift this year.



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